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July 23, 2021
Author: Willow

After the first few months of veganism, my mum and I took a last-minute trip to England to visit our family; my cousins Nic, Jac, Stu & Uncle Bob. They were so warm & welcoming with my diet change that they incorporated it into their meal itinerary.

We cooked various dishes, meat & vegan, curry, stir fry, pizza from scratch (Uncle Bob’s Pizza Dough) and many starters.  Family togetherness is a good excuse for a three-course meal.  It was so much fun cooking together in the kitchen, definitely making up for the lost time.  We all drank a lot of wine together, a liver pickling amount. It was the start of the fun vegan cooking experience.

There were great vegan options at the pubs. I never thought I’d love a simple baked potato with brown beans, but it was delicious. I also had a delightful portobello mushroom burger breaded in panko.  When I first arrived at the airport, my cousin Nic wanted me to pick out lunch from the airport food bar; they had vegan sausage rolls! 

In a way visiting England inspired my vegan cooking and my kitchen set up. My cousins and Uncle are well versed in kitchen organization; it rubbed off on me. I like to organize for specific bake or cook purposes, reusing any small item like a twist-ti and using jars for spices!  Unfortunately, I only have one picture of Uncle Bob’s spice drawer, which I used as inspiration for my kitchen.    

By the way, this was Sept 2019, right before covid happened. 

Fast forward two years, we moved our family of four (three humans, one dog) to Nova Scotia; new house, new school, new everything. 

It may have been a side effect of covid life. Truro, Nova Scotia, is my England.  The climate, the people and just the way of life.

Veganism has changed our lives as a whole.  Kyle and I are happier, healthier and focusing more on other essential things: Composting, recycling and minimalism.  That’ll be another post.  Anyway, Cheerio!

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Creator of veganTruro, BSW Niagara University class of '07 - I've worked in developmental services for almost 18 years, been through mental burnout and back. I understand the need for life/work balance and taking the time to heal. My goal is to empower others to look within to help find their groove. My idea of a great time hanging out in my kitchen, throwing some ingredients together & listening to some good tunes. I am passionate about veganism and want to share what the lifestyle has to offer.

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