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July 15, 2021
Author: Willow

Welcome to my very first Vegan cooking, eating and loving food blog!

After years of struggling to eat meat, I went vegan almost two years ago –  🌿 July 22nd Anniversary!  I wanted my first post to be about the fuel and flame behind this.

A passion, it’s that thing that you talk about a lot and can, in some cases, be the most annoying thing about you. For me, it was always talking about food: the prep, the details and of course, the eating.

I would never have predicted I would find it working frontline in a group home, supporting adults with developmental disabilities. I made a ton of meals in those 18 years (also learned how to cook) and learned how to balance nutrition, taste, creativity and variety.

There is no judgement at all for non-vegans. I am sharing my journey; everyone has their path. I want to share what I have learned and have fun doing it!

On-shift cooking at brunch was my jam🙄😜, so efficient to cover two meals in one. Once or twice a week, I would cook eggs, bacon, hash browns (home fries if I had the time) and balance them with fruit. After going vegan, I wanted to make a vegan brunch staple.  Check out the first recipe post!

About the Author

Creator of veganTruro, BSW Niagara University class of '07 - I've worked in developmental services for almost 18 years, been through mental burnout and back. I understand the need for life/work balance and taking the time to heal. My goal is to empower others to look within to help find their groove. My idea of a great time hanging out in my kitchen, throwing some ingredients together & listening to some good tunes. I am passionate about veganism and want to share what the lifestyle has to offer.

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