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July 15, 2021
Author: Willow

The Vegan Brunch Bowl

Ingredients -  A large serving for leftovers

  • onion (half diced)

  • minced garlic (a good tsp - add more to repel vamps)

  • hash-brown baggie (1 bag of the tiny pieces is best)

  • black beans (half can, can serve two)

  • roasted red pepper spice (1 tbs - but to your liking)

  • shredded carrots and zucchini - your desired amount

  • prepared coleslaw mix - half bag


Tip: Cook hash-browns halfway so the centre is soft in the end

  1. Saute onions and minced garlic in olive oil

  2. Add your black beans and spice: roasted red pepper spice is fun, tasty & colourful

  3. When your hash-browns are half - 3/4 baked add to the mix and brown to your liking

  4. I like to add shredded veggies - carrots/zucchini/cauliflower at the end with some vegan cheese, turn the burner off mix it all together a put the lid on for a few minutes, such a nice way to eat your vitamins - fresh and not overcooked

  5. Add salad topper  if you want more protein from the seeds and sweetness from the craisins

  6. Watch your protein servings though - you don't want too much or too little

  7. Serve - add a dollop of hummus and a splash of hot sauce - it looks pretty too

Or try as a wrap - The Vegan Wrap

Spread a layer of hummus on the flat bread with hash browns or the patty

Add veg/bean/optional item mix and some fresh diced tomato and cucumber 

Here's a quick challenge  - Vegan eggs  


  1. Just squish the fluid completely out of the firm tofu so tofu crumbles.  

  2. With olive oil saute onions, garlic, then add the tofu (fry like eggs)

  3. Add 2 Tbsp of nutritional yeast & 1 tsp of turmeric spice

Fry and enjoy!

Enjoy with hash browns, or toast some rye bread with vegan butter - add fruit - another vegan breakfast staple

Let me know how it goes - questions - do you have any tips? Comment below 🙂

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Creator of veganTruro, BSW Niagara University class of '07 - I've worked in developmental services for almost 18 years, been through mental burnout and back. I understand the need for life/work balance and taking the time to heal. My goal is to empower others to look within to help find their groove. My idea of a great time hanging out in my kitchen, throwing some ingredients together & listening to some good tunes. I am passionate about veganism and want to share what the lifestyle has to offer.

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